PTE Hackathon

Györkő Dorisz Tue, 2019/09/24 - 10:45

PTE Hackathon was a huge success on 20th September.

The event was organized by the Simonyi BEDC, 3D Center, Technology Transfer Office, Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies and Input Program.

Almost every faculty were represented on the event, allowing to form multidisciplinary teams and supporting the analysis of ideas from different perspectives.

Out of 16 teams, the Biowatch team was the winner, the second place winner was Stepcash, who won the PBKIK special award too. Third place was taken by the C-Colors team, the 3D Center special prize was taken by Nanolight and the ITD special prize was taken by the Pharmanager team. Congratulations to the teams!

1. place 2. place 3. place




Adrián Luca - Friedrich Schiller High School

Arató Dániel - software engineering

Bognár György - KTK

Kujbus-Tóth Róbert - KTK

Mentor: Szüts Bálint - MIK

Mentor: Katona-Kungler Kinga - KTK

Kotnyek Zsófia - MIK

Németh Gábor - TTK

Pongrácz Ádám - TTK

Szabó Andrea - BTK

Tóth Kristóf - MIK

Mentor: Orosz Dániel - KTTK

Borosán Eszter - BTK

Horváth Zsófia - TTK

Kozma Szilveszter - TTK

Rohr Emma - ÁOK

Schnell Marcell - KTK

Mentor: Schlepp Péter - Input

3D Center Special award ITD Special award PBKIK 'Jelen a jövőd' Award




Barabási Kincső - ÁOK

Kundár kristóf Imre - KTK

Török Fanni Júlia - MIK

Varga Konrád - MIK


Mentor: Hornyák Miklós - KTK

Berke Gergő - ÁOK

Bognár Tamás - KTK

Császár Zsolt - TTK

Nyers Dominik - TTK

Takács Máté - KTK

Mentor: Nagyréti József - KTTK

Kotnyek Zsófia - MIK

Németh Gábor - TTK

Pongrácz Ádám - TTK

Szabó Andrea - BTK

Tóth Kristóf - MIK

Mentor: Orosz Dániel - KTTK

It is a pleasure for us that besides the mentors of PTE and Input program, the teams was supported by several experts from different companies, including:

  • Czéh Árpád (Soft Flow)
  • Ivanics Péter (Webstar)
  • Szekeres György (Hisztopatológia)
  • Ulrich Gyula (Z-Elektronika)
  • Várhelyi Veszna (Hiventures).

We look forward to deepening cooperation in the future and finding mutually beneficial meeting points for other events as well. In addition, of course, we are looking forward to applying for companies that would be happy to work with the university and meet our students, the future employees.

The PTE Hackathon is organized with a different focus at the beginning of each semester, which aims to provide an insight into the business development, thereby inspiring participants to create new business ideas. So in February 2020, we are looking forward to seeing you at this exciting event.