Apply to the Certificate in Data Science and Entrepreneurship Program

Györkő Dorisz Mon, 2019/01/28 - 15:17

Boost your entrepreneurial skills and make yourself greatly valuable on the labor market.

If you want to complement your degree with a specialized entrepreneurial skillset participate in our Certificate in Entrepreneurship program with Data Science specialization by enrolling into courses this spring.

If you complete 15 ECTS credits by completing a selected list of these courses you can have your certificate by mid-July.


The available courses are the following:

  Course Season Credit Professor
1. Entrepreneurial Practicum Spring 3 Zsolt Bedő
2. Entrepreneurial Sales Spring 6 Péter Fodor
3. Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program Summer 6 Zsolt Bedő
4. Entrepreneurial Finance Spring 3 Mónika Kuti
Specialization Data Science Workshop Spring    


The Program is free for UP student.

Don’t hesitate, make yourself special, one of the kind, don’t mix into the general mass of experts!!!


Registration deadline:10th February, 2019.

APPLY here and enroll into the courses in Campus Credit