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Project name: Alsómocsolád Reviving Dying Rural Areas

Project client: Mr. László Dicső

Consultant team: Chris Ellington, Josephine Barker, Sofia Trexler, Gonne Majwabe, Zoltán Csengő

Short description: The place enjoys qualities for attracting eco-tourists, nature teaching tours for students, fishers and hunters. The village has also been attractive for Real Estate tourists coming from the Netherlands and Belgium The village has not been able to re-attract the youth leaving the place, has not been able to raise sufficient funds for developing its infrastructure. 



Project name: Youth Leadership Facilitation

Project client: Dr. habil Gábor Juhász

Consultant team: Chris Ellington, Zoltán Csengő, Vanessa László, David Michael

Short description: The business idea is to recruit in a greater number of international students to the University of Pécs and help integrate them into a new culture. The vision is to make the University of Pécs a more multi-culturally friendly education center.


Project name: Feasible Decision Pathway Mapping

Project client: Gyula Kocsis

Consultant team: Gorata Keitseope, Arun Nagarajan, Cameron Haldin, Segomotso Kgwatalala, Zoltán Csengő, Gonne Majwabe

Short description: The  aim  of  the  business  is  to  provide  product/services  to  companies  to  help  them efficiently  allocate  resources.  The  product/service  has  a wide  range  of  applications  and can be used in almost any industry where there are limited resources which is the case in most business scenarios. The  proposed  business  venture  will  serve  all  geographies  including  Europe,  Asia, America and Oceania. 


Project name: Hungarian Handmade Artifacts Cooperative

Project client: Attila Takács

Consultant team: Mohammad Bahmani, Vanessa László, Henry Shaw

Short description: The Kaptár (Mecsek Portéka) Cooperative has came to the students of the Simonyi Entrepreneurship Consulting Program for insight to improve their cooperative. As of right now, they are a large group of local Hungarian businesses that create all of their products by hand. By doing so, it adds value to their businesses as it increases the worth of everything they create. Currently, they are looking for ways to penetrate markets outside of Hungary by building new relationships. A strategic partnership overseas will create more orders for these businesses to fill and increase the brand awareness.


Project name: Kolombusz Mind Expedition

Project client: András Varga

Consultant team: Natalie Howard, Sofia Trexler, Fengchen Wang, Mohammad Bahmani, Boitumelo Mokoka, Ronglin Lu, Máté Fatér

Short description: The  Kolomusz  was  in  business  for  seventeen  years.  They  were  a  well-known  and  established secondary school. The school was geared more toward gifted individuals. While they had a well-rounded education the students were able to focus on European culture for three-fourths of their years at Kolombusz, while in the other year they would focus on other cultural studies, such as Asian or African cultures.  The special offer this school had was not only studying in detail new cultures  but  to  be  able  to  go  and  experience  these  cultures.


Project name: Magda Ungaricum Franchise

Project client: Mr. Attila Magda

Consultant team: Sándor Kovács, Megan Brejcha, Gorata Keitseope, Josephine Barker, Jamie Speck, Sofia Trexler

Short description: Mr.Magda  project  owner  and  Owner  of  the  successful  Magda  pastry  brand  in    Pécs  is  seeking  business growth  through  horizontal  integration  with  existing  partners  in  the  various  fields  of  Hungarian  cultural offerings  (mainly  gastronomy  and  textiles  related)  for  developing  a  Cleveland/US  based  Hungarian Franchised  brand. 


Project name: Systents

Project client: György Reiner

Consultant team: Brandon Clark, Máté Fatér, Gonne Majwabe, Joe Schoettmer, Fengchen Wang, Gofaone Bornwell Moditswe

Short description: Countries like Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain are witnessing a rise in  the  number of  campers  over  the  past  several  years.  The  rising  interest inoutdoor activities is also likely to lead to consistent growth in the camping and tent  market in  Europe.  The  camping and  tent  market is  expected to  have  a cumulative  annual  growth  rate of  4.88%  between  2016  and  2020  (Camping, 2016). Because of the steady growth in this industry this product has a potential to be highly  marketable.  Systents  also has  a  significant  advantage  over  other potential camping and tent companies because it offers such a unique product. While there are several tent competitors, there are few that provide a variety ofyurt-styles,   making   Systents an   appealing   option   for   a   wide   variety ofconsumers and businesses. 


Project name: The Baroque House

Project client: Gergely Tóth

Consultant team: Arun Nagarajan, Segomotso Kgwatalala, Cameron Haldin, Josephine Barker, Chris Ellington, Lu Ronglin, Joe Schoettmer, Sean Luskin

Short description: An old residential building would be modernized in an environmentally friendly way, using solar technology and other factor 101 solutions (e.g. heat exchangers, highly insulating windows and overcastting, utilizing storm water). It could be utilized as a demonstration project ofenvironmental architecture solutions and as a small hotel with some training facilities,exclusive restaurant, small school, privateclinic or office facility. 


Project name: The Basket Community

Project client: Máté Fatér

Consultant team: David Michael, Gofaone Bornwell Moditswe, Sean Luskin, Samantha Frank, Arun Nagarajan

Short description: The garden would grow a variety of fresh organic foods here in Pécs. He would also like to contribute by installing a program called a Basket Community where locals could pay a small subscription in order to receive a basket of food from local farmers’ markets. The community garden could also be a valuable asset within the Basket Community, providing additional food grown by local citizens. 


Project name: The Black Diamond Natural Park Cooperation Eastern Pécs

Project client: Mr. István Kis Varga

Consultant team: Cameron Haldin, Lu Ronglin, Natalie Howard

Short description: The collaboration between Black Diamond and other similar parks in the region is key to getting István’s idea off the ground. Black Diamond is unique in the fact that it offers different accommodations than the other parks. Black Diamond offers an event space and office building in the front of the park, which makes the potential economic impact of this center even greater. 



Project name: The Consortia of Community Based Entrepreneurs Pécs

Project client: Dr. Attila Pánovics

Consultant team: Boitumelo Mokoka, Sam Massey, Máté Fatér, Mohammad Bahmani, Samantha Frank

Short description: 



Project name: The Havanna Café Bar

Project client: Péter Horváth

Consultant team: Vanessa László, Mohammad Bahmani, Sam Massey, Henry Shaw

Short description: Havanna Café Bar is a local bar in the heart of Pécs. Currently Havana has established a target market of approximately college aged individuals and thus has created an internet marketing campaign that is heavily dependent upon their Facebook profile. Other than using their Facebook profile for promotion, the establishment lacks a physical promotional presence. After discussing with multiple local individuals, foreign students, as well as the owner, it has been determined that the establishment is rather hidden away from the general public. The location in combination with the physical layout/appearance of the Havanna Café Bar makes it very easy for it to go unseen to many of the individuals who walk by on a daily basis.


Project name: The Heureka Schools Franchise

Project client: Réka László

Consultant team: Boitumelo Mokoka, Jamie Speck, Máté Fatér, Lu Ronglin

Short description: Heuréka School is an innovative school-system for the K-12. Our   main goal is to grasp the children's qualities, capacities and skills they are born with (e.g. divergentthinking, natural talents, polyglot skill, quantity   recognition) and enable them to maintain and further develop these through   our   teacher's facilitation and specialcurriculum. We also put emphasis on reconnecting our students with nature (e.g. getting to know the local flora and fauna, having own garden and animals, following through how the food gets to the table, teaching an eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainability).


Project name: The iWardrobe

Project clients: Jenna Eggenstein, Arun Nagarajan

Consultant team: Sofia Trexler, Jamie Speck, Gofaone Bornwell Moditswe

Short description: It is an app that can be used by all people. The app strives to eliminate the difficulties that  one  faces  on  what  clothes  from  the  wardrobe  are  to  be  worn  and  for  weather condition, occasion, etc and more importantly manage one’s style.  The App will  also  study usage patterns on  an on-going basis to give  suggestions. The App  will  be  designed  to  alert  the  best  shopping  deals  based  on  what is  already owned.  The  location  enabled  app  can  be  designed  to  throw  location  specific  deals even  if  the  user  travels  to  a  different  location.  Social  integration  can  help  the  user share their styles with friends.


Project name: The Sea Buckthorn

Project client: Gábor Müller

Consultant team: Segomotso Kgwatalala, Sándor Kovács, Sean Luskin, David Michael, Jamie Speck

Short description: Ramnovita is a Hungarian company, which is on the one hand specizalizing in growing and  harvesting  sea  buckthorn  berries,  thus  being  a  supplier  to  companies  which produce products made out of sea buckthorn, and on the other hand specializing in producing vitamin pills and juice. In this context,  the  sub-group ‘Vietnam’  has  been  formed  in  order  to  represent  the  Asian market  and  the  sub-group ‘Germany’ has been formed to represent  the  market  of Western Europe. Besides, the sub-group ‘Finland’ was formed in order to investigate potential in the Finnish market as Ramnovita wants to focus on this market in the future.


Project name: The SMART Buildings

Project client: Róbert Vajda

Consultant team: Brandon Clark, Gorata Keitseope, Arun Nagarajan, Fengchen Wang

Short description: (Wireless Home Automation)
EcoWaves has incredible potential for both home and industrial use. Since these are two different markets, benefits are listed separately below. Keep in mind, however, that homeowners can implement the industrial features into their homes (and vise-versa). Users simply build and customize their own system based on their personal needs. Residential homes and businesses alike could benefit from EcoWaves products and technology.


Project name: Edible Insects

Project clients: Dr. Gábor Juhász, Dr. János Fejes, Zsófia Dózsa

Consultant team: Brandon Clark, Megan Brejcha, Sándor Kovács, Boitumelo Mokoka

Short description: The  idea  is  to  start  a  cockroach  reproduction  farm  in  Ormánság  Baranya  County  in Hungary.  The  short  term  goal  is  to  build  a  factory  capable of  farming  cockroaches  and export  them.  The  long  term  goal  is  to  use  the  processed  cockroaches  as  ingredients  for food and cosmetic products.