Are you an open minded, creative, entrepreneurial type of person, who is full of ideas, initiatives and sees lots of challenges that could be solved with new products or services? Come and think, work, co-create, and co-learn with us. In our divers ecosystem in the framework of our well designed programs and events you can find solutions to the challenges you have found around you and you will also find the most important asset that will help you develop your idea or project that is a colorful, talented group of entrepreneurs, that we call entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Share your idea and let’s work on it together.


Share your competence and be part of a team of creative, divers individuals and create the next “Big thing”.

Share your story, your success, and your failure to other motivated entrepreneurs, who can learn from it and may be able to contribute to your future success.

Connect to scientists and figure out the new ground breaking solution to a challenge with the most up-to-date scientific approaches.

Extend your knowledge and your skillset and earn a certificate or a degree in addition.