Speed mentoring

The speed mentoring is an effective and structured event where the teams of the Simonyi Incubation Program can ask questions from mentors with different expertise.


The aim of the speed mentoring is that the teams receive new, inspiring advises, think through the development process and improve their project with the help of received informations. Moreover, this event provides effective utilization of the knowledge of the mentors, because they can contribute to the improvement of more projects.


The process of the speed mentoring:

  • Mentors sit at a table. Teams can read mentors' expertise on tables.
  • The teams ask from at least 3 mentors (except their own mentors).
  • There is a 10-20 minute time limit per mentor.
  • At the end of the given time, the teams will go to another mentor and ask another questions.


Preparation for the event.

It is advisable to think ahead about the mentors' competences and decide which 3 mentors can contribute to the improvement of the projects.
It is advisable to draw up specific questions in advance in order to the given time will be utilized as much as possible.


Previous mentors:

  Edit Bányai Marketing, Online marketing, Market research, Questionnaires and other methodologies, Problem solving
  Zsolt Bedő Enterprise development
  Vivien Csapi Financial planning, financial analysis
  Imre Fodor Business planning
  Tamás Hoffman Sales, Sales management, Negotiation, Strategy
  Éva Kovács Media, Digital media, Business Communication
  Mónika Kuti Crowdfunding
  Beatrix Lányi Marketization
  Alexandra Posza Finance, Research, Business modells
  Petra Putzer Marketing, Communication, Research, Prezentation techniques
  Krisztina Radnai Positioning, Marketing research, Product/Brand development, Business planning, calculations, Commercial marketing, Channel politics, tools, Presentation techniques
  Zoltán Raffay Marketing
  Ákos Tóth-Pajor Finance, Business modell generation