Do you want to build a business around your research?


We offer a team, mentors and infrastructure in order to develop your idea that raise investors' and venture capitalists' attention!

The Simonyi BEDC announces the "5LET OUTLET" idea competition for the citizens of the University of Pécs with the aim of supporting the conversion of creativity and innovative capacity within the students, lecturers and employees into a successful business competence and opportunity.

The competition is the first phase of the development process that turns ideas into new, unique solutions. The idea is only the beginning, in order to transform the idea into action you have to work very hard on the model that will make the concept work. You will need to interact with others during this process, you will have to include others in your team as you cannot be the expert of everything. This transformation process will be pursued during the Simonyi Incubation Program, which will involve many people, who are dedicated to the same cause, which is to “create something out of nothing”. The “5LET OUTLET” idea competition is only to bring the idea, your wish out, which is the first, very important step in the process of becoming an entrepreneur.


Do you want raise funding for your research project?


Participants of the Simonyi Final Pitch have opportunity to present their ideas in front of a jury. Idea owners can get valuable contacts and even financial support to their ideas.Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd. is regularly represented itself at our events, looking for feasible, innovative ideas.


The Simonyi International Video Pitch Competition is an online pitch competition. The aim of the competition was to create link between the Ohio and Simonyi Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in order to inspire common, transatlantic entrepreneurial activity. The competition is prize awarded, which is determined by partner institutions and independent donors each year. In each round the first and second place will be awarded too.


Do you want to offer your expertise and your experience to others to support their innovative project or research?


The Simonyi Meets the Pros Workshop is organized within the Simony Incubation Program, which aims to enhance interaction between the members of the ecosystem to promote acceleration. The main goal of the workshop is to bring experts closer to the participants of the 15-week Incubation Program.
We are looking forward to the application of professionals who can contribute to the development of participants with his/her expertise and experience .


The Simonyi Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program is a 3-week long, intensive program that is organized in every year in July. The language of the program is English, students from the different part of the world can participate in. In the 3 weeks, candidates work on the real business problems of Baranya county.
We are looking forward to the application of professionals who can contribute to the development of participants with his/her expertise and experience .

Simonyi Mentor Program

Would you like to mentor teams of talented, motivated individuals in your own professional field? Apply for a mentor!

The purpose of the Mentor Program is to help teams to improve their product and / or service.


Do you want to develop your or your colleagues’ knowledge and skillset in the field of entrepreneurship?


It is possible to apply for different Certificate Programs at the University of Pécs. The language of the two semester long courses is English.

There are three types of Certificate Programs:

The purpose of the MSc Entrepreneurship is to train professionals who have high levels of theoretical and practical knowledge related to enterprise development and are able to use it professionally at home or abroad in business life.