Simonyi Ambassadorship Program

At Simonyi BEDC we believe in the “community based entrepreneurship capacity building” approach as the main driver of a sustainable socio-economic development. This approach requires individuals who understand each other, know each other and most of all trust each other to create a continuously developing, evolving entrepreneurship ecosystem. One of the main drivers of this vibrant network of individuals, who engage in co-learning and co-creation, is the “Ambassador”, who is able to help those, who need support from a practicing entrepreneur and can involve outsiders to the community to strengthen the ecosystem. Ambassadors while expanding the network increase its gravity by inviting individuals with interesting projects, valuable competences, create opportunities not just for the members of the community but for themselves as well. 

The Ambassador “wears two hats” as he represents Simonyi community in his everyday life in his workplace, among his family members and friends, this way spreads opportunities in his environment and if possible connects people for their benefit.