Notable Alumni

My experiences with Simonyi Center have given me the confidence and ability to interact globally with colleagues and clients while at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

While consulting for the Hungarian universal healthcare system, I was very impressed with how much responsibility and internal resources the client gave to a group of college students. I think that speaks very well to the faculty of the center that helps arrange the engagements as well as the Simonyi Center reputation around the Pécs region.

John Fulvimar - Securitization Finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

My experience in the center was one of the highlights of my undergraduate studies. Not only did I get to explore the beautiful country of Hungary, but I was able to make lifelong friends with the people involved in the program.

As the head of marketing at a venture backed startup in San Francisco I was able to take what I learned from the program and apply those principles to my future career.

Brandon Croke - Senior Marketing Manager at Inigral, Inc.

The experience from the Simonyi Center provided me with precious insight into business realities and challenges of an international company based in Hungary. The results of mentored consulting work on a given project within a multinational team, as well as the many friends from the program that I stayed in touch with, gave me the confidence and agility to strive and achieve a lot in different management areas.

The knowledge and the impulse of the program also helped me reach the position of a business controller for an international pharmaceutical company's wholesale and outsourcing operations in Serbia, only two years after my graduation.

I would like to thank Simonyi Faculty for the quality of the provided consulting opportunity.

Dénes Kis - Planning and Analysis Officer at Goodwill Pharma Serbia