Simonyi Final Pitch was successfully organized

Györkő Dorisz Thu, 2018/05/10 - 13:03

The Simonyi Final Pitch was successfully organized within the framework of the Innovation Day on 7th May. In this year the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, E78 building was the place of the event, where 14 innovative projects were introduced. Special thanks to the members of the jury (Hoffmann Tamás, Kovács Éva, Mikesy Álmos and Török Gergő) for levelled up the event with their participation.


Members of the jury:

Tamás Hoffmann LAFARGE
Éva Kovács PTE MIK
Álmos Mikesy Hiventures Zrt.
Gergő Török Marketing Soul

The jury awarded 4 projects:

Innovation award: NarrCat

Creativity award: Customized for You

Sustainability award: Buddy, Maecenas