II. ICUBERD Conference

Györkő Dorisz Fri, 2017/09/01 - 13:26

We are pleased to invite the academic and business community to participate in the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON UNIVERSITY-BASED ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: THEORY, EMPIRICS AND PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION (ICUBERD) conference, to be held between the 30th November - 1st December 2017, at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Pécs, Hungary.

You are kindly invited to submit papers or posters at the II. International Conference on University-Based Entrepreneurship and Regional Development: Theory, Empirics and Practical Implementation (ICUBERD) to be held at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Pécs, Hungary, between the 30th of November and 1st of December 2017.



Entrepreneurial activities either commercial or non-commercial ones are crucial drivers of both the economic and the social development of a region. Universities, as the sources of innovative ideas and new discoveries should take a leading role in initializing, catalyzing, and coordinating such activities to strengthen the regional innovation system and to integrate the stakeholders of the region into a wider international innovation system. By taking the lead in this process universities should solve socio-economic problems that have the potential of helping communities in the region and also around the world. Those institutions that choose to be initiators, catalysts and coordinators of their regional innovation system should make changes on multiple domains, most importantly in the mindset of the stakeholders of the innovation system. How it can be pursued and what are the pitfalls of such a process is still to be discovered, debated and resolved. The conference aims to address two important domains: how to drive and manage a process of institutional transformation towards a more entrepreneurial model, and how university-based ecosystems can be nurtured in cultural, economic and socio-political environments that may not be naturally conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.


Here you can find more information about the Conference: http://icuberd.ktk.pte.hu/