The way of implementation - SkillVersum

Balogh Virgínia Mon, 2017/08/14 - 13:45

In the previous semester, this idea was incubated with us, but work did not end. The development will continue. At present, they already have a beta site running, so they are moving forward well.

But what is this idea?

"Our goal was to create a knowledge-based social network with a little gamification on top. You can see the basic concepts of SkillVersum in the following Prezi: is external)

We will select some of the best teaching materials from the site, and post it to our Facebook page, so you will not miss them!

At this moment, we are in public beta, so we can test the viability of the idea and iron out the remaining kinks. We are happy to accept any constructive opinion because we want to develop with You together. 

We provide space to learn!"

Follow their facebook page: