„5let outlet" 2017 fall- Idea competition at University of Pécs

Györkő Dorisz Thu, 2017/08/24 - 11:56

Make your dreams come true.

Art? IT? App? New or much more creative solution for old problems? Have you been cherishing a dream or an idea for a long-long time which can give helping hand to disadvantageous people or can help to save our environment or contributes to development of the region?

We are open for many different ideas. Be creative and take part in the "Simonyi 5LET OUTLET" idea competition. Your idea can be involved in our incubation program with the aim of turning idea into a successful business competence and opportunity.

The best ideas will get into the 11 week-long Simonyi Incubation Program, where the idea owners can work on their idea with the support of professional mentors, creative youngsters and a vibrant community in order to become reality and they will improve the idea together to create a real business concept.

In this semester we are going to start our Global Incubation Platform int he frame of Network of multidisciplinary ideation and business model generation (NetMIB). On the plaform you can share your ideas with Spanish, Greek, Finnish, Italien or American students and ask or get feedback from them.

Develop your idea in a multinational and multicultural environment.


Do you want to use your creativity and knowledge in practice?

We run an eleven week long idea and business model generation program called Simonyi Incubation Program that can be chosen as campus credit. By its unique and innovative schedule it offers a great opportunity for gathering professional experience, getting to know real business projects. You can be both idea owner and idea developer. For more information please contact us via email.

So dream big, start small and start NOW!

Who can apply? Student, employee and Alumni of University of Pécs 

Application: fill application form that you can find here

Application deadline: 17 September 2017.

We invite every applicant for taking part in Simonyi Incubation Program Class on 25 September 18:00, where we are going to announce the qualified ideas, so the qualified idea owners will meet the team members, mentor and they will start the common work. For the non-qualified idea owners we give some feedbacks and consultation how they can develop the idea because next semester, next competition, new chance. So it is very important to participate in class on 25 September 2017.

For more information please contact us: simonyibedc@ktk.pte.hu