III. Simonyi BEDC birthday

Balogh Virgínia Mon, 2016/04/25 - 18:53

A birthday, an anniversary is an important event in everyone’s life, thus that cannot be different in the life of Simonyi BEDC. We have already celebrated our third anniversary, but fortunately we can say that not in a close family circle. On the 20th April at our birthday event we could share our thoughts about entrepreneurial mindset, we could learn together and share ideas with others, we could brainstorm if you wish.

Our birthday event was opened by a distinguished guest speaker to ensure the ceremonial mood in a manner worthy for the event. Our first guest was the former finance minister of Hungary, Péter Oszkó. First of all, he spoke about the domestic and worldwide tendencies concerning startups, and from his stories we could have a deeper understanding how venture capital investors live and make decisions. After this exciting presentation he and Zoltán Schepp, the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, participated in a panel discussion about the role of the universities in spreading the entrepreneurial mindset and how this mindset can be communicated towards the students. During the discussion the activity of the Simonyi BEDC and its projects got some attention from the panel members. We could learn a lot, and some good ideas came to mind due to the fruitful discussion of the panel members.

In the next part of the day as a young and dynamic organization we focused on the young people. We offered two events, which made the participants curious. Instead of the regular presentations the program focused on informal conversations and ideation. The two main topics were music and sports. On this part Balázs Koncz the manager of 30Y and two beautiful ladies from Rokokó Rosé, who are also sisters: Anna Csajkás (singer) and Júlia Csajkás (guitarist) participated our discussion about entrepreneurship in music. Then a young sportsman Krisztián Ámán visited us, who asked our help in the development of a unique, natural shower gel.

The afternoon was all about the internationalization. The participants could attend to the award ceremony of the III. Simonyi International Video Pitch Competition. Including us six universities took part in the competition, in which the international jury gave 9 prizes in 4 categories, and 5000$ was distributed among the prize winners. Out of the 9 prizes our projects got 3. In the category of Social Entrepreneurship the Élmény Tár Tanoda won the 2nd prize, in the category of the existing ventures the WikiHouse project got the first prize, and in the category of new ventures the Makez (MagicLock) project won the third prize. Congratulations to everyone! Then we could join to the events of the International Week and could attend to a virtual panel discussion about entrepreneurial ecosystems.

We could continue to list the impulses we got all day long. We had a good time with the participants and we hope it is mutually true and we meet on our next event, the Simonyi Meets the Pros on the 4th of May!