"5let outlet" 2016 autumn - Idea competition at University of Pécs

Balogh Virgínia Wed, 2016/08/31 - 10:26

Make your dreams come true.

Have you been cherishing a dream or an idea for a long-long time which can give helping hand to disadvantageous people or can help to save our environment or contributes to development of Pécs or just has a great business potential, but you do not know how it should be started? Apply for the Simonyi 5LET OUTLET, because the best ideas will get into the 11 week-long Simonyi Incubation Program, where the idea owners can work on their idea with the support of professional mentors, creative youngsters and a vibrant community in order to become reality and they will improve the idea together to create a real business concept.

Take part in our the 11 week-long incubation program with your idea, and finally you can start your own crowdfunding campaign at Hubbub international crowdfunding platform to collect supporters and money for your idea. What is Hubbub? Go to the pecs.hubbub.net site and check Dávid Sajti’s BringaTaxi (Bicycle Taxi) project, which was finished successfully last semester and now Dávid is cycling with his bicycle taxi on the roads of Pécs. 

The newness of this semester that we create the following idea topics:

1. Glocalization – Let’s create Pécs!

  • The sensitive Pécs: how we can give helping hand to disadvantageous people, because happier people mean happier Pécs.
  • Cycling Pécs: how cycling can become the part of our everyday life to be more healthier, more well-balanced in our private life and more effective in our works.
  • Attractive Pécs: how Pécs can be more attractive in order to tourists create vibration in the city.

2. stART – The other side of arts

Every kind of arts  that can be a little bit different. How can you put the artistic self-expression into entrepreneurial idea? Because if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

3. TIME – „Telecommunication, Internet, Media, Entertainment”

The virtual pleasures of the present and the future from the apps to the new ways of communication.

Application terms: student, employee or Alumni of University of Pécs

Application: visit and fill the online application form at http://simonyiugfk.ktk.pte.hu/5let_16_osz  

Application deadline: 15. September 2016.


Notification about the qualified ideas: 19. September 2016.

The qualified idea owners will meet the team members, mentor on our BootCamp on 22-23 September 2016 and they will start the common work, so it is very important to participate in the BootCamp as idea owner.


For more information please visit: simonyibedc.ktk.pte.hu or

Contact us: simonyibedc@ktk.pte.hu