Simonyi BEDC is the finalist of The USASBE Outstanding Entrepreneurship Program Abroad Award

Varga József Thu, 2016/01/21 - 09:32

The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE) is the largest independent, professional, academic organization in the world dedicated to advancing the discipline of entrepreneurship. With over 1000 members from universities and colleges, for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the public sector, USASBE is a diverse mix of professionals that share a common commitment to fostering entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors.

USASBE is built around four pillars that guide the ongoing development of our organization. The pillars include:

  • entrepreneurship education
  • entrepreneurship research
  • entrepreneurship outreach and
  • public policy

The USASBE Outstanding Entrepreneurship Program Abroad Award
Foreign (non-US) programs constitute a growing portion of USASBE membership and increasingly influence our entrepreneurial pedagogy. This award has been established to recognize these important contributions and will be awarded to the "non-US” program submission that captures excellence in one or more of the following areas:

Contribution to curriculum as measured by some combination of new courses, programs, centers, concentrations, or other domain context; or

Recognition of specialty programs that are outstanding, unique, and have not been launched in many parts of the world – but could be