Triple Helix Association Webinar

Admin Mon, 2015/05/04 - 20:40

Critical success factors in University-Industry collaboration

Simonyi BEDC hosts the Critical success factors in University-Industry collaboration webinar organised by the Triple Helix Association on the 5th of May 18:00 in Simonyi Hatchery.

During the 1-hour webinar we will look into a wider spectrum of knowledge transfer between academia and industry. Research commercialisation is more than licensing and spin-offs. The webinar will specifically look into university-industry collaboration presenting two examples of such partnerships and their role in driving innovation.

Moderator: Tatiana Schofield (Managing Director, Synergy lab)


  • Ashley J. Stevens (D.Phil (Oxon), CLP, RTTP - President, Focus IP Group, LLC) about The Role of Academic Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Bob Smailes (Partner, Gunn&Twynmore) about Academic - Industry Consortia

For further information please visit the event website.