As a young student, you certainly want to change the world, make something different, be successful, rich and professionally acknowledged. To achieve this goal, you should work hard on your own idea that may be look like just a dream, but not unaccomplishable. Simonyi BEDC can help you in this hard work in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

It can happen that you won’t become a company leader in your first working years, but you will be the “idea man” at the company. After you acquire some experience, you will realize that you can do the same outside of the company and you will start your own business.

Programs and events of the Simonyi BEDC help every entrepreneurial-minded students to improve their ideas and build a viable company.

Look around our website and write us at , if you would like to participate in the professional work!

Do you have a great business idea?


Apply for the Simonyi 5let Outlet Idea Competition and develop your idea in the Simonyi Incubation Program!

The successful applicants of the 5let Outlet Idea Competition can participate in the Incubation Program, where mentors and a student development team help to develop the ideas which could become a viable business at the end of the semester. 5let Outlet Idea Competition is held in the beginning of every semester thus if you missed it you should look around on our website, Facebook or LinkedIN sites at the end of August or January in order to collect informations about the actual deadlines and informations.


Apply for the International Video Pitch Competition and win cash recognition for your innovation!
Students are invited to submit their ideas in the form of a 2 minute video pitch and a one page business outline. Submissions are judged by an international panel of investors and business professionals. The competition has two round, a local and an international round where the first and the second places are awarded cash prize.


Do you have a business idea? Do you need further team members? Register on netMIB Global Incubation Platform and find your team!
The aim of the platform is that the young entrepreneurs can easily find their creative and innovative team members and experts. In addition projects that are selected into the Incubation Program, they have an opportunity to use a co-working place on netMIB.