Simonyi Growth Program

SGP follows the design of the incubation program but addresses the business problems of small and medium sized enterprises. The participating SMEs arrive to the program with an innovative business idea that is to be validated and developed into a new business perspective for the company. The consultant team is created the same way as in the case of the Incubation Program, mentors are assigned to support the co-learning and co-creation process. It is vital that the participating SME understands that the program is not about pure business consulting but is focusing on the involvement of the representative of the SME to engage him/her in learning and co-creation.

The SGP has multiple objectives: (1) to enable the SME to work on the new business perspective, which is considered to be early stage, for this reason requires large amount of field research before implementation, (2) bring the representative of the SME up to date in the field of business modeling, business planning and product/service development, (3) try to find match between young professionals and existing businesses to allow SMEs to search for talents, (4) to introduce students to experiential learning and via this learning method to opportunities as young entrepreneurs. To achieve all these objective co-learning and co-creation is in the forefront of the program. Students who participate in the program are given the Student Consulting Assistant status.