Simonyi BootCamp is the kick off of the Incubation Program organized twice a year. BootCamp is to give an in-depth, intensive stimulus to the teams developing their ideas into a viable business model that is to be validated multiple times throughout the Incubation Program. BootCamp also serves the purpose of co-creation, enhancement of group cohesion, and real time validation from the start.

Simonyi Meets the Pros events are points of interactions and opportunities for validation of the business models under development in the framework of the Incubation Program. During the SMtP events business professionals speak about different aspects of the business model generation process using their real life experiences, share their views and opinions about the projects under development and create coalitions with teams that fit their professional experience and practice.

Simonyi Brainstorm events allow members of our community to meet and to informally discuss issues important for their projects or for their capacity, competence development. During these events we create an atmosphere at a unique place to catalyze new ideas, coalitions, and perspectives coming from different backgrounds.

Simonyi Final Pitch Competition is the final event of the Incubation Program when business models of incubated business ideas are measured, assessed by business professionals. The 3 minute long pitches are to attract funding, involve partner, and sell the concept or simply to validate the product or service. This event is not just the closer of the Incubation Program but again a point of interaction for the members of our ecosystem.

Showcase Marketplace provides opportunity to the members of the ecosystem to present their projects, their competences and to expand their network to benefit the project they are showcasing or to create new opportunities for themselves. The Showcase Marketplace event takes place three times a year at the end of the two incubation periods (fall and the spring) and at the end of the Simonyi Summer Entrepreneurship Consulting Program.

Simonyi Annual Gathering and Anniversary: The Simonyi community meets every year in April to discuss issues and challenges facing the structure of the ecosystem. This event also celebrates the anniversary of the establishment of the Simonyi BEDC and is a good occasion to talk about the supporting infrastructure that is to help the development of the individual members of the ecosystem and the ecosystem as a whole.