About Us

The Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center

We are a space independent knowledge based regional economic center of gravity interwoven with the international economic centers of gravity through our communities of practice.

We are driven by the embedded knowledge and competencies of our members, partners and communities. We are a project network developing through internal processes that are built on our members' development projects focusing on measurable outcomes of  innovation and high impact commercialization.

We have a combined focus in offering a general service BUSINESS INCUBATION,  to our members arriving at any stage of their life cycle as owners of high impact ideas, scalable social or economic assets. We help our members MOVE TECHNOLOGY OUT OF THE LAB AND INTO THE MARKETPLACE; providing a powerful range of ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES and enhanced innovation capacity for business owners at all stages of personal and business development. We strive at learning and creating together with our stakeholders. We aim at investing efforts into educating a NEW GENERATION OF BUSINESS FOUNDERS AND CREATIVE THINKERS.

The above is achieved with the help of two major development platforms:

  1. The Entrepreneurship Incubation Platform (TEIP)
  2. The Infrastructure Capacity and Energy Based Platform (TICEBED)

The platforms integrate five core processes of Governance, Knowledge Generation, Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Community Development.

Our project based organizational and revenue model has taken a form widely recognized as an innovation cluster in Europe. The dynamics brought by our Communities of Practice  allow us the cluster participants to join in newer forms commonly coded as the "Living Lab". We see the capacity for being responsive to the innovation network dynamics a uniqueness of our innovation driven knowledge ecosystem.

Organizational DNA (OrgDNA) is the umbrella project initiated by our Breakthrough Committee covering all 5 core processes